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Type of Mattress

Spring Mattress

3 types of spring mattresses

are avilable.

Coils are one of 5 types

of support in mattresses,

such as,

latex, foam, water and wool.

Memory Foam Mattress

3 types of foam mattress are available.

Polyurethane foam

A type of synthetic, flexible foam

offered with variable density.

Density of 1,25 lbs-2,2lbs

per square inch.

Suitable for a child’s bed or sofa bed for the chalet.


The characteristics of a material that

combines viscous and elastic

behaviors; the scientific term to

describe memory foam.

Higher density: 5 - 5,4 lbs per square inch.

Memory foam

A type of elastic, viscous synthetic

foam with exceptional contouring abilities.

It's very popular nowadays and ideal

for pressure reduction, spinal

alignment, support and private sleep

space. Found in higher quality

mattresses as in Tempur-Pedic.

Latex Foam Mattress


Foam made of latex

(a flexible subtance derived

from the rubber tree).

It is the coolest and one of the

most resilient types. It is also


rubber tree

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An individually-wrapped coil in fabric  built to minimize motion in the bed and provide a more personal comfort and support.

The firmess depends on the number of springs. Also a high amount of coils

will offer a better distribution of the weight.

A mattress of standard dimensions, from 400 to 1200 pocket springs.

This technology allows a better independence of sleeping

you feel less movement from the person who sleeps with you.

Pocket coil


Continuos spring

double cone springs

The springs of this type of mattresses are spiral shaped. 

The springs are interconnected by steel wire.

 The average number of spring are around 300.

multi-turn  spring

Consists of a single steel wire spirals knitted. 

It allows for more consistent support than with double cone springs. 

You can find mattress fro, 600-2000  multi-turn  springs.