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Choose the firmness that suits you!

We will help you choose the firmness that you need!

Did You Know?

A third of a person's life is

spent on a mattress!

It's normal then to seek the best possible kind of sleep.

Your spouse has different sleeping requirements?

A custom made foam mattress

offering 2 different density or comfort zones?

Yes, it's possible and just what you need!

Just ask us!

Sleeper Better

Your new mattress should gently conform

to your body

while keeping your spine in a relaxed, neutral

position. To make sure you get the proper level of support,

consider your sleeping position.

The majority of people prefer to sleep on their side,

which puts more pressure on your shoulders and hips.  You

then need a sleeping surface with extra cushioning that

allows you to “sink in” enough to support your side like the

Pillowtops or Eurotops.